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The Modern Learner: Who are They and What They Need

Who is a Modern Learner?

Someone who is using the latest technology? Or the Millennials and Gen Z? Surprisingly, none of them! A modern learner is the one who is motivated to learn fast in an ever-changing environment and will explore a wide variety of resources and technologies to get answers.

And believe it or not, the students today are already on the path to becoming the next generation of modern learners. They are finding new ways to incorporate technology into their daily lives to learn things differently. For instance, to learn about the geography of a country, students go beyond learning from a 1D map. With geo browser applications, they explore places in real-time and connect what they learn inside the classroom to the larger world much more efficiently.

Expectations of Students are Changing

As we go ahead, students want to integrate the technology they use in their lives with how they learn. Because for them, learning has gone beyond the confinement of classrooms. Today, students are constantly looking for-

  • Flexible learning spaces that meet their sensory, mobility, and engagement needs.

  • Exposure to Active Learning opportunities.

  • Real-time interaction with the learning content.

Meeting the needs of a Modern Learner

However, within conventional classrooms, it is challenging the keep up with the emerging needs of students. Retaining their attention in a crowded media space where distractions are ubiquitous, things get even more challenging. So, how do we meet their needs in this scenario? Here are a few ways:

How does an educator achieve all of this— at scale?

Well, the answer is Immersive Learning. Immersive learning technology like Extended Reality (XR) taps into all these learning methodologies— at the same time.

It holds not only the key to addressing the challenges of the technology-driven age but greatly improves education and skill development for every student while addressing their unique needs.

But, this can only happen when we equip them with interactive content that offers them a world of opportunities and an inclusive learning experience.

With Myracle, we have made it possible for every student on this planet to spark their curiosity, and reach their full potential by learning science-backed Immersive technology that is accessible, scalable, easy to use, and effective.

Want to build Immersive Learning experiences for your students in the world around them? Visit to get started on your journey!

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