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Don't just play games – craft them! Join our Game Designing Fundamental Workshop now. 

Top-tier curriculum for aspiring game Designers

Master the Art of 3D/ 3D Modelling: Dive into the captivating world of 3D modeling and design, as you sculpt your visions into virtual reality using cutting-edge tools like Blender! 


Weave Spellbinding Stories/ Storytelling: Unleash your narrative prowess and craft immersive storytelling experiences that keep players on the edge of their seats.


Visual Enchantment/ Visual Designing: Transform your ideas into awe-inspiring visuals through the secrets of visual design.


Master Photorealism: Decode the secrets behind materials and photorealism to make your game a visual masterpiece.


Animation Magic: Breathe life into your creations through captivating animations that mesmerize and delight.


Visual Design


Understanding Materials 
& Textures


Basics Of 
3D Animation


Animating Your

3D Model


Review & Showcase

Meet our Instructors

Our instructors are highly experienced and passionate. Get ready to learn from them
as they show us the world of 3D Modelling and Motion Graphics.


Mugesh S

3D Spatial Designer

Mugesh is your friendly neighborhood spatial designer and creative 3d instructor, as he takes you on an immersive journey into the world of 3D design. With years of combined design experience, Mugesh will teach you 3D design, modeling, and animation. Get ready to unleash your creativity and learn from the best!, Germany


Michelle Philips

Product Designer

​Michelle is a design instructor and she enjoys a conversational teaching style. With immersive presentations and a combined design experience of 6+ years, learn how you start any project with the right planning and design thinking., Germany

Choose your pricing plan

  • Level 01

    Basic Game Design Workshop - 3D Modelling
    Valid for 4 weeks
    • 15+hours hands-on learning
    • Downloadable content
    • Session recordings
    • Certifications
  • Level 02

    Advance Game Design Workshop - 3D Animation
    Valid for 4 weeks
    • 15+ hours hands-on learning
    • Downloadable content
    • Session recordings
    • Certifications
  • Best Value

    Combo (Level 01 + Level 02)

    Most Recommended Option
    Valid for 4 weeks
    • 15+ hours handsome learning
    • Downloadable content
    • Session recordings
    • Certifications
    • Exclusive workshop access
    • Community access

Expert Mentorship

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Expert Mentorship: Learn from industry pros, fueling your creativity and expertise.


Certification: Get a game design badge to enhance your profile.


Real Projects: Dive into hands-on experiences for a standout portfolio.


School Success: Ace your academics with practical design skills.


Community: Connect and collaborate with fellow game changers.


Innovation Mindset: Unleash creativity beyond the workshop.

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