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Can Online Exams be Conducted without Internet?

Updated: Apr 12, 2022

Worried that the students might lose internet connection while attempting online exams? We understand that it can be quite disturbing, and may directly affect the performance of some students during this crucial time. Therefore, at Cerebrabium, we conducted research to understand the state of education in present times. Our report “State of Digitization in education and Examinations- India” depicts the challenges that institutions and students faced due to the transition to online learning, one of them being, 4 out of 5 students faced connectivity issues during online learning.

The stress and anxiety in this situation can cause the students to lose their morale and eventually drop out of college and university. A survey conducted by the All India Students’ Association (AISA) aptly portrays the anxiety among students regarding the conduction of online examinations. As per an article by The HinduOver 74% of Delhi University students, who took part in a survey by the All India Students’ Association (AISA), said they would have trouble taking online examinations.”

The situation in remote areas is even more appalling because many learners in these areas do not have access to equipment (computers, laptops, tablets) required for attending online classes and exams. According to the article by the Times of India The digital divide between rural and urban households is stark with just 4% of the rural population having access to computers.” This stress and technology gap during the present times can gravely impact the future of students, and we at Cerebranium aim to overcome this challenge with Promexa.

Promexa, our engagement-driven platform lets you seamlessly conduct digital examinations and assessments without the requirement of an active internet connection. So, is it really possible to attempt online exams without depending on internet? With Promexa, it certainly is!

All that the students have to do is:

→ Click on the scheduled exam

→ Complete the verification process

→ Turn off internet/switch on the flight mode

→ Complete the exam within the stipulated time

→ Upload it when an internet connection is available

Quite simple right? We also feel this, and so does Shriram Mantri Vidyanidhi Info Tech Academy (SM VITA). According to the feedback received by us from the students of SM VITA, 81% of the students were able to navigate their exams and assessments better on Promexa, in terms of accessibility and time efficiency. Moreover, 79% of students felt that their stress reduced to a great extent due to decentralized proctoring solutions.

Along with the seamless conduction of internet-independent remote examinations, we assure you of the protection of the integrity of your exams. The AI-based proctoring feature in Promexa safeguards exam integrity by analyzing student behavior. It also enables the educators to make informed decisions based on the video feeds and detailed insights available on the Promexa Institution application. 360 Degree proctoring powered by Promexa further guarantees fairness in exams by capturing images from the rear camera of an examinee.

We believe that these features can restore fairness in digital exams, which had been lost due to the conduction of exams on platforms primarily meant for video conferencing. According to the “State of Digitization in Education and Examinations- India” report, 3 out of 5 students feel that the applications they use are inefficient in detecting and preventing malpractices in examinations. Therefore, it becomes crucial for us to cater to these challenges through technology, that can ensure equity in examinations.

Moreover, the conduction of internet-independent remote exams on Promexa has many other benefits like:

  1. Exams can be conducted at scale without the requirement of a physical proctor.

  2. Automated proctoring solutions allow the teachers to utilize their time in more productive activities.

  3. Students from distinct backgrounds can access the exams at the same time, thus, no more investments of institutions in conducting exams repeatedly for students, who may have been left out due to lack of equipment and adept technology to attend online examinations.

  4. Faculties can make informed decisions with our analytics and video feeds, thereby upholding the reputation and integrity of the institution's brand name and its examination process.

  5. Student diversion is eliminated due to no fear of connectivity failures.

  6. Student complaints targeting the organization, and the process of examination and its technology becomes non-existent.

  7. It is a cost-effective way of scheduling large-scale exams securely with end-to-end encryption.

The pandemic has undoubtedly affected the education system immensely, especially those people who do not have the access to the resources and equipment required to stay consistent in the current scenario. Through Promexa, we aim to restore fairness in remote exams irrespective of the conditions they are taken in. We believe that exams play an important role in the process of learning, and by making them outcome-driven and accessible to everyone, we can make the students future-ready.

Click here to know how Promexa solves some other major challenges faced by Education Providers today.

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